Wilderness Survival

Do you have what it takes to survive out in the sticks? Can you endure the Cold, getting up to start another fire in the fire-pit so that you can better handle this cold? Can you keep your Calm, upon getting lost in a vast wilderness? Or do you have what it takes to prepare for the worst?

When it comes to surviving in the wilderness, it pays to be prepared! Unlike a lot of people, they would pack wrongly for a week hike in the wilderness, or use improper sanitation for small cuts, or even panic when they come to a rock wall if their maps show the destination just beyond. These are all common situations we must learn to master, if you want to be truly a survivalist.

The motive of this site will give some ideas on how to become well prepared. But this doesn't necessarily mean bad things will never happen if you master the skills. It just means that your more equipped to handle some difficulties. But needless to say, camping and backpacking should be something that you should enjoy. And not something of a bit of frustration.

Preparing is to be a constant agenda or mindset for when it comes to going on an expedition in the wilderness. An ever learning and fun experience. To me, it's not about bringing an RV and having power outlets for which to plug in. But to me, it's all about being one with the environment, and learning how to utilize nature to the best advantage for when you do come across a survival situation! If you were dropped in, or wrecked on the side of the woods, could you, or do you have what it takes to survive?

The survival 3 method is for all whom should take this seriously in a surviving experience. You must have what it takes to live. You after-all only have 3 minutes to live without air. 3 Hours before you die of hypothermia. 3 days before you die of thirst. 3 weeks before you die of starvation. That would label the air we breath, the heat we need, the water we drink, and the food we eat as the most important tactics to be sure to have.

But precedence is a wisdom as to when you need the air, heat, water, and food. The time for which to fetch the air, heat, water, and food depends on the current situation. In the frozen tundra, Heat will be your major priority. In the desert, water would be your major priority. Be careful to determine your biggest future needs before you venture out to just have fun.

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